Chef Liao

About Us

At Chef Liao, everyone is family, including our customers. As soon as anyone steps inside our restaurant, we want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. Our goal is to serve family style dishes that resembles authentic Asian cuisine. When people come to Chef Liao, they feel comfortable because they can sense the home ambiance. We promise that during each visit to our restaurant, we will provide high quality food and great service that will make you want to come back.

Why Chef Liao?

Experience: Our chefs have over 30 years of experience with Asian cuisine.

Food Quality: We guarantee that each item on the menu is executed to perfection. The chefs will always put out the very best product and will never serve anything less.

Flexibility: We would love for everyone to dine in, but we also do to-go orders. (We deliver too! See F.A.Q. page for details.)

Variety: Our specialization is in authentic Chinese cuisine. However, our menu contain choices from Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. We also have gluten free options as well.

History: Chef Liao has served the Phinney Ridge area since 2005. For the past 9 years, we have been serving the Phinney Ridge neighborhood as well as the greater Ballard area.

Consistency: Since the day we’ve opened, our motto has been to serve the Phinney Ridge neighborhood the best quality Asian cuisine and to this day, our approach has not changed.