Chef Liao


Do you deliver?

We no longer offer in-house delivery. Please utilize UberEats for delivery service.

Can we pay in debit for deliveries?

Yes you can! During the transaction over the phone we will ask for your card number and expiration date. (We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover)

Do you offer any Gluten Free items?

A majority of our dishes we can do gluten free except for ones that are deep fried (Sweet and sour pork, General Taos, etc.) Please ask/let us know if you need your order gluten free.

What's your spice range?

1-5 with five being the hottest (We can do 0!)

Do you do combos?

No, our menu is a la carte (items are seperate)

Do you take reservations?

Yes we do. For parties over 6 please call in advance.

What time are last guest seated?

Seating stops at 8:30pm

Side Note: Please alert us of any allergies or special treatment to food prior to ordering!!